Causes of vitamin d deficiency symptoms

1. Insufficient sun exposure. If there’s plenty of ultraviolet radiation, the person’s skin can produce enough vitamin D. The amount of Vitamin D that be  produced is in proportion to the  ultraviolet intensity, irradiation time and skin exposure. You do not live in the bowels cold seasons for lack of outdoor activities or in foggy area, serious pollution industrial city air, the skyscrapers linli because there all make ultraviolet irradiation insufficiency.;u=442;u=807;u=471;u=427;u=382
2, vitamin D inadequate intake in before the age of 2 without food has vitamin D strengthen dairy infant and long-term breastfeeding and no seasonable compensatory cod liver oil child. Children grow up in the rapid rate of easy cause a relative lack, especially in premature, twins and low birthweight birth vitamin D and calcium, phosphorus storage less, after the birth of fast growth are predisposed to rickets. Multiple pregnancy and lactation mothers in their long-term calcium consumption, if large reserves vitamin D inadequate intake soon appear osteomalacia disease.
3, vitamin D poorly absorbed and activate the obstacle chronic chyle diarrhea, liver, bravery, pancreatic disease affects vitamin D absorption and utilization. In the elderly, because the skin to produce vitamin D of low efficiency and intestinal vitamin D absorption rate fall osteoporosis intensified. Liver and kidney seriously ill effects vitamin D hydroxyl into active 25 – (0H) D and 1,25 – (OH) 2D. Vitamin D dependence rachitic an autosomal recessive genetic syndrome, Ⅰ type 25 (OH) D1 alpha hydroxyl of enzyme function Ⅱ type is impaired, 1,25 – cause genetic mutations (OH) 2D receptor damage. Phenobarbital was drugs could be induced liver microsomal enzyme change, make vitamin D25 hydroxyl of enzyme activity decline, and stimulative bile secreted, make vitamin D degradation accelerated, thus reduce serum vitamin D and 25 (OH) D concentrations.