vitamin D Newsletter September 2009 | New Harvard Cardstock on Autism

New Harvard Cardstock on Autism

Five Harvard researchers accept the vitamin D Concept of autism

Last month, Dr. Dennis Kinney and 4 of his colleagues at Harvard College accepted the vitamin D Concept of autism After which expanded it by adding 5 Typical suspects. Although I Experienced been thrilled To determine the vitamin D Concept accepted, appreciate them crediting the Principle to me, and loved seeing their Cardstock During the Exact Diary that Released the Authentic theory, Medical Hypotheses, their 5 additions are all toxins, the Normal suspects. The authors imply these Poisons are Shipped to our genome by Oxygen or Drinking water pollution, Which include mercury-contaminated seafood, In which these Poisons selectively Harm the genome of All those silly Sufficient For being vitamin D deficient.

My Trouble Using the Cardstock Will be the Identical Difficulty I have with any Belonging to the Oxygen and Drinking water Air pollution autism theories, why now? Certainly, if a toxin was Leading to autism, Proof exists that Publicity to that toxin has Grown Component and parcel Using the epidemic of autism.

Mercury in Vaccines

For a while, that was Among the strongest arguments To the mercury in vaccines theory; Management of A Whole lot more mercury-containing vaccines paralleled the Improve in autism. The issue Using the vaccine Concept Is the Reality that Once they took the mercury Away from vaccines, the incidence of autism went up, not down.

Water and Oxygen Pollution

What about Oxygen and Drinking water pollution? Any self-respecting environmentalist will Inform you Air pollution Inside the United states is at Report Ranges today; that is, United states Oxygen and Drinking water has By no means been dirtier. However, I am More mature than sixty, To Guarantee that nonsense won't Function on me. I remember acid lakes, burning eyes, and blazing rivers.

As a child, I remember Considering God Desired me To determine the Oxygen I breathed. That is, I remember the United states Prior to the Fresh Oxygen and Clear Drinking water Functions Belonging to the 1960s. If Oxygen and Drinking water Air pollution Brought about the autism epidemic, then that epidemic Started From the Past due 1940s, climbed Significantly Inside 1950s, peaked Inside the 1960s After which Reduced In your Past due 1970s. Just Do not happen.

One could accurately say that cleaner Usa Oxygen and Drinking water is Linked to Raising Prices of autism, but Having a Substantial lag time. Or, Maybe Oxygen Air pollution from Eastern Europe, In india and China, which May be Escalating Within the Final Twenty years, has engendered The present crop of autism, the "foreigners Do it" Principle of autism. However, why would Overseas coal-burning Oxygen Air pollution of Nowadays do what Fine Outdated United states coal-burning Oxygen Air pollution Belonging to the 50s and 60s could not?

Mercury in Seafood

Take mercury in seafood, terrible right? As mercury is Among the autism-causing Toxic compounds he listed, I Presume Dr. Kinney predicts mercury-containing seafood Usage In pregnancy would Improve Threat of autism. However, I predict the opposite, that is, Usage of mercury-containing seafood In pregnancy would Enhance the offspring's mentation (mental activity), the benefits of vitamin D in fish overwhelming any detriments of mercury.

Consistent with that prediction, the 3 Greatest Research projects Discovered Increased maternal Usage of mercury-containing fish was Related to better, not worse, infant cognition Using the Most significant benefit for infants whose mothers consumed Probably the most mercury-containing fish. Do not misunderstand me; these Experiments Display mercury is bad, vitamin D-rich fish and mercury is better, and vitamin D-rich fish Without the need of mercury Will be the best. Oken E, Wright RO, Kleinman KP, Bellinger D, Amarasiriwardena CJ, Hu H, Rich-Edwards JW, Gillman MW. Maternal fish consumption, Frizzy hair mercury, and infant cognition Inside a U.S. Cohort. Environ Wellness Perspect. 2005 Oct;113(10):1376–80.

If you Believe the Helpful effect was from omega-3 fats, you'd be wrong. In One more Harvard study, the benefits With the Kid of mother's fish Usage Once again overwhelmed the Damage from mercury. Omega-3 fats Intake could not Clarify the Helpful effects of mercury-containing seafood, that is, neither Complete maternal Consumption of omega-3, Neither omega-3 Content material of mother's Red-colored Blood vessels cells, was Linked to the child's cognition. Oken E, Radesky JS, Wright RO, Bellinger DC, Amarasiriwardena CJ, Kleinman KP, Hu H, Gillman MW. Maternal fish Consumption Throughout pregnancy, Our blood mercury levels, and Kid cognition at age Three Many years In the US cohort. Am J Epidemiol. 2008 May perhaps 15;167(10):1171–81.

In However a 3rd study, NIH researchers Discovered benefits for mothers who ate mercury-containing seafood Throughout pregnancy. benefits of fish Usage Once again overwhelmed the Damage of Toxic compounds in fish. Much more importantly, Minimal maternal seafood Usage (and Therefore Reduced seafood mercury consumption) resulted in Young children with Reduce verbal IQs and suboptimal Results for pro-social behaviors, Good motor, communication, and Interpersonal development—that is, autistic symptoms. Hibbeln JR, Davis JM, Steer C, Emmett P, Rogers I, Williams C, Golding J. Maternal seafood Intake in Being pregnant and neurodevelopmental Effects in childhood (ALSPAC study): an observational cohort study. Lancet. 2007 Feb 17;369(9561):578–85.

So I heartily Suggest seafood to expectant mothers and give my Greatest endorsement to vitamin D-rich, mercury-poor fish like Little salmon. (By the way, the omega-3 literature is hopelessly confounded by vitamin D.) However, the essence of Dr. Kinney and colleagues' Add-on Towards vitamin D Principle of autism Is the Truth that At the Incredibly least some From the autism-generating toxic genetic Harm is Performed Towards the father's sperm, not the mother's egg.

vitamin D-Deficient Fathers

That is, toxin ingestion by vitamin D deficient Adult men Leads to oxidative Harm Major to genetic mutations in sperm. The authors' suggestion Would be to give vitamin D to men, Prior to they go Close to impregnating, to Avoid genetic Harm by Toxic compounds and So Avoid autism. Even though I Surely Concur Males Need to Consider vitamin D Prior to they impregnate Anybody (and I suspect they Will Most likely be A Great deal more Effective Within their Vision if they do), I Question Healthful Guys Will require vitamin D any time soon.

Even When the new Foodstuff and Diet Board recommends 5,000 IU/day for Healthful adults—and they won't—healthy Guys will Disregard any new FNB Advice Since most Adult men will not Carry supplements, Until they Believe it prevents Curly hair loss, Raises sexual abilities, or improves athletic Efficiency (vitamin D has no effect Around the 1st two but Unquestionably improves athletic performance).

However, In contrast to men, pregnant Girls will Have a supplement, and Nearly Often do so, a prenatal vitamin. Currently, that prenatal Consists of a meaningless Ten micrograms of vitamin D (400 IU). Say it contained a physiological dose, Close to 125 micrograms (5,000 IU). If it did, I predict the incidence of congenital autism (obvious While in the Primary Couple of Weeks of life) would Significantly Decrease Nearly Right away As Nicely as the General incidence would Start decreasing in Various years. However, It might not Have an effect on the autism Brought on by the Serious childhood vitamin D deficiency that Takes place when toddlers are weaned from vitamin D Wealthy formula to my Preferred toxin, Organic Organically produced fruit juice.

Evidence Strengthens vitamin D Principle of Autism

All in all, I liked Dr. Kinney and colleagues' paper; I Wish Dr. Kinney can wake Somebody up at Autism Speaks, which Cash Dr. Kinney. (If Autism Speaks doesn't hurry and Assist fund the vitamin D Council, they won't Have the ability To obtain any Credit score In any way for Assisting Find out the Reason for autism.) The authors also Outlined Proof that strengthens the vitamin D Concept of autism, Proof I discussed Inside Authentic paper.

That Proof is: 1) autism is Far more Typical in cloudy and rainy areas; 2) dark-skinned immigrants have Very much Greater Prices of autism; 3) there Tend to be more Instances During the northern US than With the South, and 4) autism is Additional Typical in urban than Countryside areas, just like rickets. The authors forgot to Include a fifth fact, the NIH Discovered widespread bony abnormalities in autistic kids, abnormalities that Resemble the effects of Persistent low-grade rickets to me.

Also, if Dr. Kinney and colleagues are Accurate Within their revision of my theory, then vitamin D Have to not Possess a treatment effect in Kids with autism, Unless of course vitamin D can Fix genetic defects. I predict the opposite: vitamin D Could be Discovered To possess a treatment effect in autism, as vitamin D Functions Rapidly to Avoid Even more oxidative Mind Harm and Raises Human brain glutathione, which promptly dispatches the Common suspects.

John Jacob Cannell MD Executive Director

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