Vitamin D Overdose Treatment

Here you can read about vitamin D overdose treatment. We have already explained what vitamin D overdose is. We have also mentioned some of the possible causes of vitamin D overdose. The most common way to overdose with vitamin D is to take too much of vitamin D supplements. When people are diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency or they experience some of vitamin D deficiency symptoms, they often get very scared. Some patients are so afraid of vitamin D deficiency and all possible complications it can lead to, that they even take larger doses than is prescribed by a doctor. This can lead to vitamin D overdose, which is a serious condition and needs to be treated.

The symptoms of vitamin D overdose can be general weakness, nausea, vomiting and severe dehydration. All together, these symptoms can lead to weight loss and exhaustion. Numbness, weakness and problems with coordination are also possible symptoms of vitamin D overdose. Pain in muscles can also occur as one of the symptoms. Do not ignore these symptoms. Visit your doctor to get a proper therapy and start treating vitamin D overdose as soon as possible.

Control Your Vitamin D Levels

In addition, you have to control your vitamin D levels. If you are diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency and you’re on your therapy, you will have to check your condition every once in a while. If your vitamin D levels change and you remain with the same dose as in the beginning, this can lead to overdose, since your requirements are now changed. Your doctor will control your condition and give you the best possible advice.

Generally, it is suggested that a person should not take more than 1000 International Units of vitamin D. However, this depends on many factors. Vitamin D dose will be different from patient to patient, depending on his condition. Remember that only your doctor can prescribe the right dose for you. Never take any supplements without consulting your doctor first.

How to Treat Vitamin D Overdose

When it comes to vitamin D overdose treatment, your doctor is the only person that can help you with this problem. He /she is already familiar with your medical history, so as your vitamin D levels and other issues related to vitamin D deficiency. If you overdose, you must see your doctor. People sometimes ignore the symptoms of vitamin D overdose, since many other illnesses are manifested through similar symptoms. However, this is no excuse for ignorance. Do not wait until your condition gets worse.

If you overdose with vitamin D, you will probably be advised to stop using vitamin D supplements. Keep in mind that vitamin D is not water-soluble, so your body cannot simply dispose it, as it would be the case with water-soluble vitamins. It seems that the only efficient treatment for vitamin D overdose is to stop taking the supplements of vitamin D. After some time, your vitamin D levels will get back to normal and the symptoms will go away. However, this period is different from person to person. Do not rely on other people experiences, since every case is unique. You should only rely on your doctor’s advice. Sometimes the symptoms of vitamin D overdose can be really annoying. If you experience severe nausea, weakness, nervousness, numbness, muscle pain or problems with your heart and/or kidneys – you need to visit your doctor. Do not try to relieve these symptoms by using any drugs (on your own).

The amount of 1000 IU is often considered to be the limit that should not be crossed. However, there are really difficult cases of vitamin D deficiency. These patients can be prescribed considerably higher doses.

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